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Pell d’Arbre – Handmade geometric heart shaped necklace

17,00 VAT included

Mia – Virgen of Guadalupe pendant

15,00 VAT included

maiteglliso – Leaf shape handmade pendant

12,00 VAT included

Kupka – Necklace with leather and silver pendant

20,00 VAT included

Kupka – Leather necklace with celtic symbol

22,00 VAT included

maiteglliso – Hand-painted feather pendant with ethnic pattern

12,00 VAT included

Mela Nature Jewelry – Geometric necklace

25,00 VAT included

MIA – Frida Kahlo pendant with died flowers

15,00 VAT included

MIA – Pressed flower necklace

13,00 VAT included

Obellux – Black Onyx Necklace

45,00 VAT included

Obellux – Choker necklace

25,00 VAT included