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Arpillera – Upcycled cooking apron Excelsa

31,20 VAT included

  • Upcycled cookign apron
  • Materials: 100% cotton fabric, coffee bag, leather straps
  • Straps can be removed for easy washing
  • Measurements: 85×50 cm
  • Handcrafted and environmentally friendly product
  • Available in two models sewn in white or brown
  • Handmade in Valencia, Spain
Sku: ARP006

You’ll never get dirty again while you’re in the kitchen with this original cooking apron made of cotton fabric and reused coffee sack. Say goodbye to stains in style and become everyone’s envy in the kitchen with the original apron.

Sustainable products are those that are produced taking into account social and environmental impact, as well as using resistant materials so that they have a longer life and do not end up in landfills. This is how the cooking apron made with cotton fabric and details with reused coffee sack fabric was born. It is handmade with the fair trade coffee sack that arrived in Valencia and was destined to go to the garbage.

The  cooking apron is perfect for those who already have, or want to have, a sustainable lifestyle; for those who support artisans and are committed to eco-design and creative recycling. It is made with cotton fabric, coffee sack pocket and detachable leather straps for easy washing.


Arpillera is a craft and creative recycling workshop that makes products in a handmade way transforming, mainly, sackcloth to give it a new use. Eco-design and upcycling are part of the philosophy of the brand in which respect for the environment is a way of life, both to produce and to consume in a different way.

Arpillera is born from the desire to produce in a sustainable way and under the principles of circular economy. Its artisans rescue the bags of coffee from Fair Trade to give them a new life and create products that tell stories. Arpillera knows that there are people concerned about the environment, so they design different complements for different people.