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Cerveza artesana valenciana Tyris On Tap - Tyris On Tap craft beer Valencia
17 May, 2020
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On September 26, 2017 I arrived in Valencia. After a 27-hour journey from Mexico to Spain, of carrying two suitcases of 24kg each to a fourth floor without a lift, my brother considered it appropriate to ask me the question “Shall we go for a beer?” As far as I remember, I hadn’t finished answering when we were already going down the stairs. Those days it was still a bit hot so we sat on the terrace of a bar, of which I only remember a very colourful mural I had seen during my first visit to Valencia.

As time went by I learned that this bar was (is) Tyris On Tap, the bar where undoubtedly, good days or bad days, my brother would meet his friends. Little by little I started to realize why, and it was not only because of their craft beer made in Valencia.

Tyris On Tap and their craft beer

Artisanal market on Tyris On Tap

Going for a pint (or two) at Tyris became part of a (almost) daily routine, and as I joined this new group of friends I understood why Tyris was the place where they always met. I realized that there was no need to spend time deciding where to meet anymore, just sending the message “beer” and we would all instinctively arrive.

It’s the place where more than a customer, you are treated like family; where you can enjoy different types of beer while talking about topics so varied that if I name them they might seem ridiculous; and it’s also where, from a casual conversation, a nice project like the craft market “Artisans Supporting Artisans” can be born.

I must confess that the only thing I know about beer is how to drink it. On many occasions, Jacob, Alice, Sofia, Javi, Laura, Cris or Alberto have offered me some of the new beers; even though they know I will undoubtedly end up with a pint of Original or Märzen.

However, they always make the effort to give me a taste of the seasonal beers or simply try to broaden my beer knowledge. Although to tell the truth, while writing this post on my little balcony on a hot afternoon, I feel like a refreshing IPA.

A beer 100%  made in Valencia

When I first visited On Tap I didn’t realize that it was THE bar for Tyris Beer, a craft beer made with only 4 ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast; in their own words “Beer, without the bullshit”. For me it was all quite fascinating, especially the idea that a local brewery could have its own bar; since in Mexico there are bars with craft beers but none exclusive to one brand (or at least none that I know of). The interest and love for Tyris’ beer grew even more the day we were invited to the brewery and saw it all firsthand.

The visit to the brewery starts with a half pint of your choice that you can take in your stride as the visit begins; let’s say it’s to start warming up. The group is small, which makes the experience more enjoyable. During the tour, they explain all the steps of the elaboration process; from the grinding, to the labelling and ending with the cold storage, where you will undoubtedly feel like having another small tasting.

Apart from getting to know the heart of what Cerveza Tyris is, you have the opportunity to meet the team that makes it possible for you to enjoy a unique beer, without complications, on a spring afternoon with your friends.

Getting to know the beer, the place where it’s made and the people who make it possible, gives a new concept to a craft beer. You manage to understand and value each part of the brewing process; you feel the difference in the glass or bottle from which you drink it and you appreciate the small details that make it your new favourite beer. This is where we find the value of the artisanal, of a brand that keeps the essence of its origins, taking care of every detail and respecting the time of each process. It is a beer that is undoubtedly made from passion.

Sharing a beer in uncertain times

The kindness of the guys at On Tap, plus the taste of the beer and food, kept us coming back almost until the day the confinement started. The beer and the message announcing a meeting are still the same, the only thing that has changed is the place. We have been living together from a distance, anxious to be able to go back to our favourite place; to be able to laugh again at things that make no sense and to be in one of the places where time passes slowly and is enjoyed more.

We know that the long afternoons sitting on the terrace cannot be the same and that time is crucial at this time for Tyris On Tap. Although we will soon be able to spend hours talking again without any worries, for now we will just have a couple of pints and leave room for others, who like us, want to enjoy the afternoons on the terrace in one of the best bars in Valencia.

If you, like me, want to continue supporting the artisan and small business, don’t hesitate to stop by for a drink at Tyris On Tap in Calle Taula de Canvis 6 in the heart of Valencia. Although I know the way by inertia, is very easy to find because it is a few steps from the Central Market and the Lonja de la Seda (besides that Google also has them very well located).

Jacob will be opening the doors of On Tap this Tuesday 19th of May at 19:00. Their opening hours change a bit, so for the moment you can go from Tuesday to Sunday from 19:00 to 23:00; and although you can arrive and take a seat, you can also make a reservation to secure your space by calling 961-132-873 … so that on one of these evenings, we might become  terrace friends!

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